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The DONAIR S.G agreement is available to an authorized representative in .pdf by contacting jpmutton@telus.net. There are no obscure legal terms. It is a four page general agreement outlining the requirements of the security guard and specifying the range of duties routinely performed in residential complexes. If the particulars are unacceptable, take a moment to consider a plausible alternative and voice your concerns.

The Agreement may then be modified, simplified, or expanded. It may be terminated by either Party at any time with no questions asked. The security guard may request a letter of referral upon termination.

An authorized representative should be prepared to provide details of assignment as an authorized representative, and any information relating specifically to the provisioning of security patrol services. Only licenced supervisors can direct the activities of a security guard.

The training and licencing of security guards in British Columbia ensures that standards of conduct and job performance are universally recognized by experts in law enforcement, and throughout the justice system.

 In the event that an authorized representative wishes to process forms over the internet, please bear in mind that a Risk Assessment: Subject to The Agreement is performed by the DONAIR S.G security guard, and must be appended to The Agreement before it is fully in force. Notwithstanding the internet, repeat sites may be exempted under certain circumstances if there have been no physical alterations to the site during the interim.

Construction, Retail and Commercial Properties

The DONAIR S.G contract is an informal, one page agreement authorizing the security guard to provide professional private protection security services. The contract should be signed by the person in charge; or, in the case of a large company with various departments, by a designated corporate representative with the authority to issue payroll and make final decisions.

The security guard is reimbursed weekly to ensure continuity in the principles of the agreement. Security patrol commences on receipt of a 50% advance based on the fee for the first week. Electronic transfer of payment is preferred.

Termination of The Agreement

The following short list constitutes the most common causes of termination, in respect of security patrol:

  1. Successful completion of a defined, and designated, project.
  2. Failure to receive a weekly scheduled, or short notice, fee.
  3. Breach of contract, by revealing the schedule of the security guard to an unauthorized entity.
  4. Unresolved issues that pose an unnecessary hazard; to the security guard, or to others.
  5. Third party interference that is in breach of The Agreement where such interference has been approved by an authorized representative.

Security Patrol

The security guard patrols in uniform. Unauthorized patrol in uniform is subject to severe penalties including fines and imprisonment. Please keep your security guard current regarding changes in ownership, management, or site authorization. Failure to do so could damage the trust that your security guard has placed in you.